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Spit Chewy and The Buoys interview each other about songwriting

Posted on April 23, 2017 by Tito
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Having cut their teeth with shows alongside The Preatures, Moaning Lisa and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, and with their debut single ‘Grunge Is My Religion’ gaining a 4-star review from Unearthed’s Tommy Faith, Wollongong’s Spit Chewy are gaining all the right kind of attention.

Meanwhile, Sydney rock quartet The Buoys have been touring their debut EP SOFT BOY,having shared stages with The Delta Riggs, Julia Why?, Peter Bibby and Big White.

Ahead of The Buoys and Spit Chewy‘s sets at The Collective in December, the new festival dedicated to equal opportunity, we asked the two bands to interview each other.

Check out their insights on songwriting, influences, and the need to showcase female talent below.

Spit Chewy interviews The Buoys:

Your songs always get us moving and there is a real electricity in them all.

Do you have a secret formula for writing music and expressing this sense of empowerment through it?

We wish we knew the secret so we could do it every time! A lot of the time Zoe will bring to the band a whole song, other times just a small idea, but you can almost always relate it back to an intense feeling of emotion which could probably explain some of that electricity.

Songs usually just fall together naturally and we generally just go with what feels right in terms of how it flows.

We’ve only spent more than a few hours on a song once, on our single ‘Make It Clear’, it was a work out! But totally worth it.

the buoys band sitting on ground
The Buoys

It seems as though you emulate this insane energy and natural chemistry.

How long have you all been friends and what kinds of experiences do you think have brought you all closer as a band?

That is so lovely you say that! We actually started playing together about eight months ago and the friendship went from there.

At first, you could say our energy came from our insane love for playing live music. In the first two months though, we jumped into a studio for a few days and even after spending all that time together we had the insane love and respect for one another, there were d&m’s. It was gooey and it was beautiful.

Aside from that, we can be having an awful day but the second we pick up our instruments it all fades.

Stream The Buoys track ‘Liar Liar’ below:


Obviously, everyone on The Collective lineup is so very incredible.

But is there anyone who you are each really excited to see live or perhaps haven’t seen before?

Safe to say we’re obsessed with Clews’ track ‘Museum’! And it had us all-‘45° head tilt’- Who are you and where have you been!? Turns out we were just late to the party!

They’re in a few of our mates’ photography archives playing around Sydney and we must’ve just missed that boat! Hopefully not too late to get on cause we’re excited to hear all of their music.

Watch Clews’ video for ‘Museum’ below:


The Buoys interview Spit Chewy:

We love ‘Grunge Is My Religion’!

What were your influences for this track, lyrically and instrumentally?

Influences for ‘Grunge Is My Religion’ range from the sameness of coastal suburbia to the celebration of being an outsider amongst it I suppose; as well as finding joy in 90s music and other simple pleasures in life.

That’s where the lyrics come from and as for the music, a mix of happy, sad and not too bad is the aim really.

Watch Spit Chewy’s clip for ‘Grunge Is My Religion’ below:


We’re probably doing many people favours in asking… when can we expect to hear new music!?

We’re very much in the process of recording some really exciting stuff at the moment and we can’t wait to get it out for everyone to hear…

There will be a little something before the end of the year… There are also SO many other amazing announcements coming up which we can’t wait to share!

Spit Chewy band hanging out of car
Credit: Laura Daniels

So you’ve probably noticed that we’re the only band on the bill not hailing from the NSW South Coast (does the shire count?).

Tell us how it must feel to see a lineup filled with amazing women from the South Coast.

We’re stoked to be included in a lineup that’s filled with so many kickass women who are absolutely killing it!

We cannot stress the importance of events like this to us personally enough; it’s so inspiring to see the amount of people in this industry learning and sharing similar philosophies.

There’s a real need to showcase female talent and also still very much a ‘glass ceiling’ construct that we need to break through collectively.

It’s events like this making the Australian music scene’s future so much brighter and we will always support and stand with the beautiful people making this future a reality.



Saturday 8th December
The Lansdowne HotelSydney